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As one of Brisbane’s Oldest Boutique Family Law firms we are “Big Picture Thinkers” with Experience and Expertise. We help you PLAN, CONTROL AND RESOLVE your matter. Put the stress and anxiety you are feeling behind you and start living and enjoying life again.

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Our business journey so far

Brett Hartley and Joe Healy commenced their family law careers in large corporate law firms that had family law sections. They both gained invaluable experience working in the larger firms but both recognised that given the personal and sensitive nature of family law, better service could be provided through a specialist discrete boutique practice. Hartley Healy’s focus is on achieving outcomes for clients quickly, cost effectively and discreetly.

Areas of family law expertise


Commercial Family Law

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Prenuptial Agreements & BFA’s

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International Family Law

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Complex Family Law

We understand that each family law case is unique and needs to be treated as such, some are exceptio… Read more Complex Family Law


Child Disputes

We help you minimise the impact on your children’s lives now and into the future.… Read more Child Disputes


LGBTI Family Law Matters

With our extensive experience in LGBTI law cases, we provide dedication, professionalism and… Read more LGBTI Family Law Matters

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Some of the success we’ve achieved for our clients

“Thank you for all your help and support in finalising the matter. I feel so much better that it has all ended and that I can now get on with my life. I am very grateful for the many hours of work that you put into representing my case and for being so nice to work with.”

“I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have you looking after my case. Upon reading the letter tears filled my eyes as to the relief it gave me to have someone like you support me in such a manner. It really made me feel and realise that I was no longer fighting for the well-being of my kids alone.”

“Thank you so much for all of your advice and work to bring my settlement to a close. I came to you very scared and in a weakened position after receiving so much bad advice and I am so grateful for the very high level of knowledge and skill that you brought to the table to resolve my matter.”

“Thank you for your kind, calm & professional help so far with this matter. I do appreciate that enormously. This is such a difficult time and having & trusting your expertise is one of the main factors which I hope will eventually allow me to completely break free and start a fresh life free from intimidation and control.”

“The team showed sympathy and compassion, whilst at the same time communicating your instructions in a manner we could understand. You were direct when required, but always with respect. It is our belief quick success hinged on the fact we engaged Hartley Healy at the start… What a wise decision this was in hindsight.”
Sam & Wyn

“I would like to extend my most sincere gratitude for the result you have achieved for me in this matter. I have the utmost respect for you as professionals and the outcome you achieved in a short amount of time. I am also most grateful for your efforts to minimise the costs for me, it really means a lot.”

“To have Hartley Healy working on our matter was a sheer joy! We appreciated what the team has done: the savvy instigating and setting up the research to get the right persons in place that led to the right team for us to have experienced such a landslide victory (finally).”
Kate & Leah

“I believe I was very well represented by Beata. Whilst I only met her on the day for the first time, I feel very confident this will now move rapidly to an outcome – and I am a lot more comfortable with what that outcome will be. I am very pleased and relieved to have her professionalism and passion on my side now.”

“Sorry we left in a bit of a rush last night and I realised I didn’t get to thank you for everything you have done on this case. Thank you for putting in so much time and effort to make everything happen with our case. You have been so organised, all over every little detail and without you this would have not gone as well as it did over the last few days. Whatever judgement we get handed, I know we have done everything we could to get the best outcome for my son.”

“Hi Selena,

Thanks for your support and guidance on Monday. You have made this process almost enjoyable 🙂

I wake each morning feeling a great weight lifted from me.”


“Brett, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your knowledge and professionalism and guidance through this sometimes horrific journey. You have no idea how relieving this is. It has been 3 years of frustration.

Thank you once again and I wish you all the best.”


“Thank you for everything you done on Friday, you made me feel relaxed while we worked through the financial & parenting agreements. I am so glad I walked away from my previous solicitor & found you.”

FAQ’s – What you need to know

We understand there are many questions you might have if you are separated or considering separating or divorcing from your partner. Many clients who come to see us have never had to see a Family Law Solicitor before and understandably have very little knowledge of family and de facto law and the family law processes, as well as what options are available. Without correct knowledge these situations it can become stressful and daunting. To help get you started and answer some of your initial questions, we have developed the following Frequently Asked Questions surrounding family law to help guide you into a better understanding of the family law processes and how we can help you with your current situation.

When should I see a Solicitor?
You should make contact with a family law solicitor as early as possible. The earlier you make contact and get the ball rolling, the easier it makes to start planning ahead which allows you to make clear, informed decisions. If you leave the phone call too late, it could have dire consequences in your case, you could miss important dates or incur unnecessary and avoidable fees. It is better to plan ahead, be organised and focussed to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.
How Long After Separation Can I Apply for Divorce?
You need to be separated for 12 Months or more before you can apply for a divorce.
What are the Grounds for Divorce?
In Australia there is only one reason for Divorce, that being an ‘irretrievable breakdown of marriage’. This is shown by the couple being separated for 12 months or more.
Do all Family Law matters have to go to court?
No; at Hartley Healy, we encourage mediation, not litigation. Where possible we recommend trying to resolve all matters without Court litigation which accelerates conflicts between parties and we believe litigation this should be a last resort. Our family lawyers are committed to proactively resolve your family law matter quickly and cost-effectively to minimise any emotional and financial stress.
Can I have property settlement before my divorce is finalised?
Yes; property settlement proceedings can commence after separation as long as both parties are in agreeance. The Court can organise Consent Orders to formalise the agreement.
I am in a same-sex relationship and want to leave, do I have any rights?
Yes; same- sex couples have the same entitlements under Australian law as heterosexual couples. Current Australian laws allow those leaving an unsuccessful same-sex relationship to pursue property settlement, as well as apply for child-support agreements.
Can I apply for a Parenting (Court) Order before my divorce is finalised?
Yes, you are entitled to apply to the Court for either Interim or Final Parenting Orders following separation, and if both parties agree, orders can be made by the Court to finalise the agreement.
What are the two (2) different types of consultations?

If you want a quick chat to one of our Family Law Specialists then the 15 minute consultation allows us to give you some general advice about whether we can assist you in your matter. In 15 minutes, we do not provide specific legal advice about your situation but assess your matter as to whether we can assist.

If you want to be provided with specific advice about your rights and entitlements then we recommend you book the 1 hour consultation which we charge at $500.00 per hour (excluding GST). 1 hour is usually sufficient time to deal with all preliminary issues and questions you may have.

What is an Accredited Family Law Specialist?

Accredited Specialists (Family Law):

Accredited Specialists in Family Law are recognised to have extensive experience and have successfully completed an advanced, peer reviewed assessment program specific to Family Law.

At Hartley Healy we have four Accredited Family Law Specialists; Brett Hartley, Joe Healy, Beata Leszczuk, and Debra Effeney. Specialists who are highly regarded for their expertise, experience, and professional knowledge in Family Law. Our other family law solicitors are also prepared to undertake study towards achieving their Specialist Accreditation.

What can I do if I live far away from Hartley Healy offices?
We can work with people from any location so this is not an issue. If you are located in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine we are able to offer face to face consultations. If you are outside these locations within Australia or overseas, we are mostly happy to contact you via telephone or online. Please contact us for more information and book your online consultation.
Let us provide a plan and give you back control to resolve your family law issues outside of court. Book your private consultation and find out your options today.

Let us provide you with our Free Guide to Family law in Australia

Let us provide you with our Free Guide to Family law in Australia

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