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Hartley Healy are a specialist family law firm that has been in business since 1998. Not only do we have and maintain the best family lawyers in our firm, we are true specialists in family law, in that we do not touch any other area of law, outside of family law. However, it is not good enough just to specialise in family law.

Hartley Healy is not only known for its commercial and “big picture” approach to matters, but we are also known for our commercial and financial expertise in complex property matters. We aim to help clients settle matters in a financial and commercially sensible way. Our expertise in commercial family law also enables us to assist parties in day to day property settlements to reach a settlement sooner and on commercially favourable terms.

Our expertise in commercial family law also extends to protecting wealth for individuals by being able to draft suitable and where necessary, complex Binding Financial Agreements or Pre-Nuptial Agreements to help protect the wealth of parties who have assets within Australia and overseas.

We are a true Family Law team and our accredited family law team are specialists in all aspects of Family and De Facto Law.

Our Mission & Values

Our Mission is to be proactive in resolving our clients’ matters quickly and cost effectively to minimise emotional and financial stress so they can move on with their lives. We encourage mediation, not litigation.

1. Client Focus & Commitment

We strive for excellence in our service and seek to constantly exceed our client expectations.

2. Ethics Without Compromise

Our role is to secure the best result possible for our client on the basis of the facts and the applicable law. By understanding our ethical obligations, it makes us better tacticians because an ethical lawyer will always approach a matter on a cost effective basis for clients.

3. Recruit and Retain The Best

We aim to attract the best talented prospective employees to our firm and to retain and develop our talented staff. Our firm policy is to only employ Accredited Family Law Specialists or Solicitors who are prepared to undertake study toward achieving their Specialist Accreditation.

4. Give Back to The Community

As a business we create jobs and provide services but in addition we believe it is important that we give back to the community. We have a commitment to raise funds for certain charities and we encourage our staff to be involved in volunteer activities that support the community.

5. Proactive Never Reactive

Our proactive approach is to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients in a timely and cost effective manner.

6. Teamwork

We enjoy strong cohesion in a supportive working and social environment. Not only employees within the firm, we seek to utilize and form relationships with the best professional advisers in the community who also assist in serving our clients.

7. Continuously Grow and Improve

We have a commitment to grow the business and to assist in the growth and development of our individual staff.

Our Specialist Team

The Hartley Healy team are Accredited Specialists in Family Law. We only recruit the best in their field so you can get the best and most relevant advice for your situation. Get to know them here.

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