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As a family law solicitor, it heartens and inspires me when I read and see the wonderful lawyers, counsellors, social workers and support workers who deal every day with the ‘cold face’ of domestic violence. They are the unsung heroes who… Read more A Family Lawyer’s Perspective Against Domestic Violence

In a recent Full Court decision of Trang Kingsley (6 July 2017) the Family Court delivered a stark reminder about its wider powers to deal with who failed to provide in full and frank disclosure of their financial affairs in property… Read more Consequences of Non-Disclosure in Family Law Property Settlement Proceedings

ln another recent, important decision by the Full Court in the case of Fewstar v Drake, the Full Court affirmed a number of important principles relating to the validity of prenuptial or as we call them Binding Financial Agreements entered into… Read more Causal link between chanqes in circumstances and hardship required to set aside a Bindinq Financial Aqreement

A recent Full Court decision (Fewster and Drake [2016] FAM CAFC 214) has reaffirmed the previous position of the Full Court of the Family Court that just because an agreement is unfair, doesn’t mean that it should be set aside. Even… Read more Binding Financial Agreements (Pre-Nup) – “Unfair” Assessments and children born after signing

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