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There are many reasons why a couple should come to a property settlement arrangement sooner rather than later after they separate. One of the more compelling reasons was highlighted in a recent Full Court decision where the parties had been married… Read more Don’t delay Property Settlement after Separation

A recent Judgement by the Full Court in Rodgers & Rodgers highlighted a problem with a common misunderstanding about the calculations of future maintainable earnings and how this should be treated when assessing a husband or wife’s ongoing income earning capacity.… Read more UNDERSTANDING FUTURE MAINTAINABLE EARNINGS AND THE ASSESSMENT OF THE FUTURE INCOME CAPACITY OF A SPOUSE – THE DANGERS OF DOUBLE DIPPING

Step one in any family law property settlement is to identify and value the current assets and liabilities for each party, including any superannuation interests. The second step is to identify and assess various types of contributions made by each party… Read more MUST THERE BE A CAUSAL LINK BETWEEN CONTRIBUTIONS AND PROPERTY IN FAMILY LAW FINANCIAL MATTERS?

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