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Covid 19 Property Settlements – should we settle amongst the uncertainty? In early March of 2020 Covid 19 or the Coronavirus pandemic sent the entire world into “unprecedented times”.   A vast proportion of businesses and industries were forced into mandatory stand… Read more Property Settlements in a Pandemic

A recent Full Court decision highlighted the need for parties to be aware of strict time limits under the child support legislation and complexities involved without first having received independent specialist advice from a family lawyer. In this particular case, the… Read more Case review – Child Support Update – Beware of Time Limits

Often one of the most difficult parts of separation is the fact that one or both of the parents are experiencing serious mental health issues or other problems that have either led to the breakdown of the relationship or been part… Read more Parenting and mental health issues in family law

We often have disputes where clients will be contesting the difference between four or five nights a fortnight and a week about arrangement. It got me thinking as to what the real differences are (if any) that drives these disputes. The… Read more Parenting Arrangements – 5 nights v week about

So far in this series of articles I have identified the type of family lawyer you need to engage and the importance of the initial steps of compiling a detailed schedule of legal and equitable interests of the husband and wife… Read more Unwinding Complex Family Law Financial Disputes – Part 3 – Valuing the proprietary interests of the husband and wife

As we are coming up to the Christmas and festive break it is important to perhaps remember that in family law, there are a few time limits that are important for parties to be aware of and not to lose sight… Read more Important time limits

We are asked this question often – thankfully it does not usually come from our clients but from other prospective new clients who have been upset at outcomes in the Family Court or Federal Circuit Court. Whether it relates to a… Read more Should I Appeal?

In every family law property settlement it is always important to identify the interest in property that each of the husband and wife has as the current date. The High Court has told us that there is no such thing as… Read more Unwinding Complex Family Law Financial Disputes – Part 2 – Identifying Proprietary Interests of the Husband and Wife

I have noticed recently an increase in the number of so-called experts out there who are trying to sell to the public some sort of artificial package that purports to do the job that a family lawyer would normally do. For… Read more Do-It-Yourself Divorce – Beware Fake Innovation and AI Packages

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