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I was reading an article in the Dallas Morning News recently about a divorce attorney who had supposedly achieved success at matchmaking various clients and other attorneys.

The article had me laughing and asking myself “is this seriously news in Dallas?” It then got me thinking about whether Australian Divorce Lawyers would be any good at matchmaking.

I came to the opposite conclusion of our US friends. As divorce lawyers, we mainly tend to develop a healthy dose of cynicism about relationships. We see the worst of people and rarely the best of them.

We become very skilled at judging whether our clients are lying to us, whether they have issues or whether they have other personality defects or traits that would certainly make them unattractive to a prospective partner.

Let’s face it, divorce lawyers are great at telling stories at dinner functions or around the BBQ on a Sunday afternoon. However, the stories aren’t usually “happy” stories.

No – divorce lawyers are not good at telling you who you should marry, but if a divorce lawyers says to you “don’t marry that person” then maybe you should stop and think…well…at least for a few seconds.


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