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“Divorce Monday” seems to be a common phrase used mainly in the United States about the fact that people split up over Christmas and divorce lawyers are actually busy on the first Monday after Christmas and New Year.

In Australia, I feel that a busier time is usually at the end of the school holidays when the good times are over and everyone is back to the reality of work and family life. These times can be extremely stressful for families and for the couples undergoing separation. However, it is also a time when family lawyers often see clients acting in a manner that is not in the best interest of their children.

Emotional stress and financial pressures at the end of “good time” holidays, means that parties often communicate with each other in a heightened state of anger and stress. For those parents out there returning from holidays, here are some tips to get through this period:

  1. Focus on the children’s feelings and not your own feelings;

  3. Try to make things as comfortable and as familiar for the children as possible – remember children are often resuming school and also have their own fears and anxiety about their parent’s separation;

  5. Do not discuss the other parent in any sort of negative way – directly or indirectly to your children;

  7. Have a break and do not send that “nasty” email off to the other parent. Take a break, sleep on it overnight or have a common-sense friend look at it and advise as to its suitability;

  9. Remember, that the best arrangement for your children is one that you can work out amicably with your ex-partner and that there are many other options besides litigation and Court that enable you to work towards that result in a dignified and discreet manner.


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