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Complex Family Law

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Complex Family Law

We understand that each family law case is unique and needs to be treated as such, some are exceptionally large and complex, making them seem incredibly difficult.

At Hartley Healy we have a vast amount of experience dealing with the most complex family law situations; we have the best team available having had success working on larger, more complex cases.

There are various contributing factors that can make a case complex; some cases we have worked on are complex because of assets and corporate structures involved. Some clients have extremely large asset pools, often worth hundreds of millions of dollars incorporating assets and businesses spread across the world.

Other reasons for complexity include intricate corporate and trust structures which have been established over generations of family wealth. Other cases are complex because of the business structures and interests of third parties and creditors.

Other complex family law cases have different, more involved issues at stake. This can include interstate relocation cases or international family law matters, some that involve children, particularly those involving the Hague Convention, are intrinsically complex and require the skills of a specialist family lawyer.

With our extensive experience in complex family law cases, we provide dedication, professionalism and expert services to deliver the best outcome for your situation.

For more information about complex family law cases, contact us to speak with one of our experienced Hartley Healy family law specialists.

At Hartley Healy, we have the experience, specialist expertise and resources to also handle very complex Family Law matters. Complex Family Law matters can include matters that have the following characteristics:

  • A substantial corporate empire;
  • Existence of many entities including companies and trusts;
  • Issues in relation to the identification of property interests and valuation issues;
  • Complex children’s matters including child abuse, parental alienation and interstate and overseas relocation matters;
  • Substantial international litigation including property in both Australia and overseas;
  • Putting together and advising on complex binding financial agreements (pre-nups) to protect substantial generational wealth;
  • Complex rural and farming cases.

Our process to resolve your complex family law case

We make the legal process simple, ensuring that we tailor a plan to resolve your case with the least amount of time, pain and financial loss.

1. Book your consultation

The consultation allows us to get an understanding of your circumstances in order to provide options and possible next steps.

2. Tailor a plan

We don’t provide a cookie cutter solution. Each plan starts with the end result in mind and is created specifically for your unique requirements.

3. Resolve your case

Our goal is to get the ideal outcome without going to court and in the shortest possible time with least possible cost. As we only do Family law, we are the best at what we do.


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