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LGBTI Family Law Matters

Helping same sex couples solve financial & marital disputes

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LGBTI Family Law Matters

The Australian Government recently passed legislation to allow same sex couples to marry. This means if their relationship subsequently breaks down then they fall within the provisions of the Family Law Act 1975 (the Act), that deal with married parties.

At Hartley Healy, we are experienced in dealing privately, discretely, and expertly with disputes that arise between same-sex couples and we have experience in dealing with many unique matters that arise from same-sex relationships.

Particularly, our expertise and experience include the following areas:

· Parenting disputes and parentage issues;
· Artificial procedures;
· Surrogacy;
· Same-sex property settlement matters;
· Pre-Cohabitation and Post cohabitation Binding Financial Agreements for same-sex couples;
· Child Support;
· Partner maintenance (de-facto spousal maintenance)

Our Joe Healy was involved in a unique same sex parenting case, Clarence & Crisp [2016] FamCAFC 157 (18 August 2016)

Our client had frozen embryos stored with the Queensland Fertility Group (QFG). The embryos comprised our client’s egg fertilised with sperm from an anonymous donor who was previously chosen by our client and the birth Mother from frozen sperm straws stored at QFG. The birth Mother had been unsuccessful with numerous IVF procedures using her own eggs. The parties agreed that our client would provide her embryos to the birth Mother with the intention that the birth Mother would become pregnant with our client embryos. A child was successfully conceived from this medical procedure.

Our client sought to be recognised legally as a parent of the child including having her name recognised as a parent on the child’s birth certificate. The birth Mother resisted our client’s Application and said that she was the child’s only Mother (parent) and our client was like an Aunt who provided a “special gift”.

Joe Healy successfully litigated this matter to Trial where our client was declared a parent and it was ordered that her name be recorded as a parent on the child’s birth certificate. The birth Mother appealed the Trial Order and Joe then successfully resisted the Appeal with costs.

Our process to resolve your LGBTI law case

We make the legal process simple, ensuring that we tailor a plan to resolve your case with the least amount of time, pain and financial loss.

1. Book your consulation

The consultation allows us to get an understanding of your circumstances in order to provide options and possible next steps.

2. Tailor a plan

We don’t provide a cookie cutter solution. Each plan starts with the end result in mind and is created specifically for your unique requirements.

3. Resolve your case

Our goal is to get the ideal outcome without going to court and in the shortest possible time with least possible cost. As we only do Family law, we are the best at what we do.

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