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Brett Hartley

Accredited Family Law Specialist
(Legal Manager)

Brett’s legal career spans 27 years specialising exclusively in family law, which he has practised since his admission as a solicitor in 1990, much of these being as the founder of Hartley Healy.

Brett has been consistently named as a leading family lawyer in Queensland by the Doyle’s Guide to the Australian Legal Profession.

Brett has a reputation as an expert in complex, commercial family law matters and is the ‘go to’ expert in such matters with a track record of providing the best outcomes in the shortest possible time.

Brett’s background working within large corporate law firms shed light on the importance of personal family law matters being handled away from the client’s normal business lawyers and in 1998 he founded Hartley Family Law Services with a vision to create a team of elite family law specialists providing a high level of personal privacy to clients.

Brett sub-specialises in commercial family law (which is family law property settlement involving high net worth individuals and complex property matters) and provides ideal outcomes for our high net worth clients.

He is a widely recognised expert in family law, complex property matters and valuation of property. During Brett’s career, he has presented at seminars and written many articles with a focus on the financial side of family law disputes and been interviewed for Australian Media. He has also worked with the Securities Institute of Australia and contributed to the CCH Australian Family Law and Practice.

In 2013 Brett became a Nationally Accredited Mediator, establishing Brett Hartley Mediations.

Besides family law, Brett has a strong interest and passion in charity work that Hartley Healy does which includes monthly charity or community work and regular gratis work”

Fun Fact: My nickname in legal circles is “Hitman Hartley”, which I would like to think was because of my aggressive attitude for clients in court…. But the truth is – during an interfirm touch football match back in the 90’s, I was marking a fast young opposing lawyer who stepped me a few times and scored.  On the next attacking play, I anticipated their step and thrust out my hand to touch them but instead connected with their jaw and knocked them out which then started an all in brawl.  The next day at work – my work colleagues christened me “Hitman Hartley”.

Direct line:  07 3220 1299

Mobile:         0417 569 299

Email:          [email protected]


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