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Joe Healy

Accredited Family Law Specialist (Managing Director)

Joe is an Accredited Family Law Specialist. He is considered to be one of Brisbane’s top solicitors practising exclusively in Family Law.   Joe has been consistently named as a leading family lawyer in Queensland by the Doyle’s Guide to the Australian Legal Profession.  He was invited by the Queensland Law Society to be a member of the Family Law Specialist Accreditation Advisory Committee that assesses candidates who apply for accreditation as family law specialists. Joe was previously on the board of Directors for the Family Law Practitioners Association, after being elected to the position by his peers.

Joe has qualifications in law and accounting. Prior to his legal career, Joe worked in a Chartered Accounting Firm in the client tax services section. His accounting qualifications and expertise provide him with an advantage over most other family lawyers when dealing with more complicated financial and tax implications of property settlement matters.

Joe possesses expertise in all areas of family law from parenting matters to complex property settlements. He has particular interest and expertise in:

  • Property settlements (assisted by his commercial background)
  • Acting for parties who have separated from a narcissistic spouse;
  • Asset protection through the preparation of prenuptial and post-nuptial financial agreements;
  • Same sex Family Law Matters. Joe recently was successful in obtaining an order that his client be recognised as a parent in a same-sex lesbian relationship. He successfully litigated this matter to trial and successfully defended the trial order at appeal. Click here to read Case Summary.
  • Child Support issues including Binding Child Support Agreements;
  • Parenting matters and in particular the more complex Hague and relocation cases, paternity and surrogacy.

As a well-respected and recognised leading expert in many areas of Family Law, complex property matters and valuation of property Joe is often invited to present at various seminars, write papers or be interviewed on various specialist topics: some notable examples include:

  • Interviews and commentary in major Australian media publications including the Australian, Courier Mail and Sunday Mail, with some examples below:
    • Commentary on the issue of divorce in an article titled “Divorces get ugly for rich: Couples use Spy Tactic”
    • Interviewed for article “Doing Divorce on the Cheap”
    • Interviewed for article “Money Matters in Family Feuds – Careful planning can take the financial sting out of Divorce”.

Joe is able to explain difficult concepts, implement effective tactics and strategies and his proactive approach has achieved numerous positive settlement outcomes. As can be seen by some of Joe’s testimonials below, Joe has successfully assisted many clients through this difficult time in their life.

Fun Fact: Joe “The Dancing Cavalier” Healy

As a young boy Joe became enamoured with Musicals so much so that he demanded to learn tap dancing at the age of seven to emulate the skills of Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire. His favourite movie is the greatest musical of all time “Sing’in in the Rain”. Like Gene Kelly’s lead character Don Lockwood, Joe has one motto that he always lives by “Dignity. Always dignity”.

One of Joe’s regrets is that he gave away dance in his teenage years. He still has some soft shoe shuffle skills but believes he would have at least made the “Tap Dogs” if he had not succumbed to male teenage peer pressure. But Joe can always see the silver lining. A career with the Tap Dogs would have meant his superior family law skills would never have been realised. And Joe can still impart the wisdom of Don Lockwood on his clients as he encourages them to resolve their family law matters with “Dignity. Always dignity”.


Some of the success Joe has achieved for our clients

“You are the TOP DOG, thanks for your strategy it bamboozled them!”
“You kicked Ass! You have boxed them in brilliantly and they rolled over. You are the King!”

” Joe the letter is brilliant. You are awesome. I hate every minute of this but I’m so glad you are on my side.”

“Thank you Joe. Always you are brilliant!”

“Dear Joe, thank you for everything you have done for me. I am eternally grateful.”

“Joe , buddy, champion, thank you for all the your advice and support, it is much appreciated. Now this is over, my shout for beer.”

“Thank you Joe – you are expensive but so very good. I know I can be difficult out of sheer frustration at what this situation has done to me and the boys but I do appreciate your hard work.”

” Joe you are one of the most passionate people I have ever met when it comes to your job. You clearly enjoy helping people. You are super prepared and your customer service skills are as good as I have experienced.”

“Thanks Joe, I was just thinking this week I hadn’t had the chance to say thank you for your guidance and support! Actually the process was really very pleasant and I thoroughly enjoyed working with you – the only frustration was dirtbag! Indeed I am happy with the results.”

“If I bend an inch he will continue to do the same shit forever. Thank you Joe for levelling the playing field. I love you, not in the romantic sense but because you are the best. Hardest time of my life and you helped me keep my chin above water.”

“Thank you again for today.  You have achieved more in the last 72 hours than my previous lawyer did in 2 years!”

“Hi Joe, I just wanted to send an email in regards to the service I received from Hartley Healy . Every single person that I encountered, liaised with or spoke to within your firm were very professional. Being the CEO of a large IT training firm,

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I deal with professionals 24/7 in the form of Chief Information Officers, IT Managers, Human Resources and Learning Development Managers just to name a few. These people range from small to medium enterprise clients to large corporate and government.

I must say that you and your staff are the equal in professionalism and customer service to anyone that I have conducted any sort of commerce with over the years.

Overall I felt that Hartley Healy in general were very commercial in their approach to their clients. All advice geared towards a solution that is financially in the client’s favour. They are friendly whilst remaining very professional. They maintain the human side of the business, as they have a definite understanding of the emotions that their client is potentially going through.

Once again to Joe and the team, thank you very much for the wonderful service that your firm provided me in the very difficult period.”


“Just wanted to drop by and thank you for your assistance in resolving my matter.
Your professionalism, your understanding of the complexity of my matter and your foresight greatly assisted in guiding me to the finish line under very difficult circumstances.

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You went above and beyond the call of duty to assist my son and I to achieve this outcome, which allowed us to move on with our lives. We are extremely grateful for all you have done for us.”


” I have been referred to you by the Wife of one of your client’s Shane. She said you did an amazing job for him and wished you were her lawyer and not Shane’s.”


“The main reason this review has taken me so long to complete is because I find it near impossible to express in words, the appreciation and gratitude I feel towards Joe and his team.

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I was referred to Joe about 5 years ago in regards to a family court dispute regarding my daughter. The whole process including appeals took out the better part of 4 years. Throughout this entire length of time, I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer or a more supportive person in my corner.

Joe had to deal with my tears, tantrums and triumphs and has the patience of a saint!

Joe and his team worked tirelessly on this big case and with his recommendations, expertise and knowledge set a new precedent after a successful outcome.

Joe not only supported me but supported my entire family. At the risk of sounding dramatic, I truly feel that Joe saved our family.  I now have an amazing relationship with my daughter that I only dreamt about in the early days.

From the bottom of my heart, a billion thank you’s from our entire family wouldn’t be enough for what you have done for us all.”


“I want to thank Joe Healy and his team for helping me. Thanks for helping my son and I establish normality in life.

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You also gave myself & my family happiness & hope for the future, with our newest member of the family.

We appreciate your expertise in Family Law, your kindness & your responsiveness to time sensitive matters.

Words can not describe how thankful the Plata family is. From Canada, Chile and the Gold Coast, thanks Joe!

You are the man!”

Luciano & Jr

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